About 4PET Recycling

4PET RECYCLING BV, located in Duiven / NL, is a leading PET-Recycling company and the capacity exceeds more than > 30.000 tons per year ( approx 750 million pieces ). Extrusion capacity 15.000 tons per year

The sales program of 4PET comprises both rPET flakes and rPET Granules.

For both qualities, the high purity and quality is extremely important in order to guarantee and maintain the highest safety level for the end user. 4PET has therefore implemented an extensive quality control system and introduced strict procedures and processing criteria. Our recycling process is in compliance with the requirements for food contact. COREPET® thus fulfils all relevant European requirements.


COREPET® is in many sectors of industry a well known and popular Material. It is known for its lightness, stability, breaking strength and resistance to chemicals.

COREPET® is a form of refined polyester that has proven its value not just in the field of packaging. COREPET® is a raw material that is in high demand in many sectors of industry.

COREPET® is suitable for extrusion and / or injection moulding, for example :

  • Packaging strapping;
  • Injection-moulded products such as bottles
  • Bottle-to-Bottle-process: PET- bottles are turned into PET-bottles 100% suitable for foodstuffs !
  • Sheet on rolls: Flakes as middle layer in co-extruded APET sheet for thermoforming purposes.
  • Fibres for the textile industry
  • Fleeces for the filter industry