Recycling process

Originally established in 1990, 4PET recycling was set up to recycle PET Post Consumer Waste. The company joined the 4PET Group early 2008.

4PET Recycling has a proven track record in supplying high quality material to a variety of diverse industries.

The company’s aim is to maximize the use of rPET, good and professional recycling, and an environmentally friendly performance with cost savings.

What is PCW?

PCW is Post Consumer Waste, that is material used by consumers, discarded for disposal and collected :

  • Beverage bottles ( eg mineral water, CSD );
  • Packaging that has contained food;
  • Fibers.


  • De – baling / Bottle sorting;
  • Sorting of input material through a Infra Red ( NIR) – and a Visual (VIS) Spectrometry sensor;
  • Grinding of bottles after – alcalic – hot wash;
  • Washing to remove labels, closures and contaminants;
  • Alcalic hot wash of flakes;
  • Drying of flakes prior to extrusion;
  • Windshifting : separation of material into two fractions, light and heavy;
  • Extrusion followed by ultra – fine-filtration;
  • Re-Crystallization: Solid State Polymerization.

Simple handling enables us to pack material in Big Bags, or in Silos.

To promote and develop the recycling of PET, 4PET is an active member of the EUPR, The European Plastics Recycling Association and participant of POLYMARK, an ambitious EU-funded research project which aims to increase the availability of recycled PET from used bottle to new bottle and to contribute to the EU’s circular economy.